April 16, 2010


as coraline left, henry looked up at me, "so how'd it go?"

"we kissed and touched, but kept it above the waist." i replied, waiting for his reaction.

but there was no reaction. he simply shrugged and put his bags away.

he had stayed late after school to finish his homework. but he knew we were here. he knew of our intentions. months ago he had offered not a free card, but the statement, "i want you to choose for yourself, i'm not gonna control you."

years of fantazising and mutually shared porn had brought us to this point. i've always wanted to be with a woman, and for years he shared my enthusiasm. the first time i talked dirty to him about the positions i imagine he came on the spot. the fantazing deepened.

now, hearing coraline's car pull away he and i reach for one another. we take it to the bedroom where he proceeds to fuck me. i'm already on edge as we start but it's different this time. something has been UNLEASHED in me.

as i ride him the pleasure builds. he sucks my tits and i cum with a squeal and a gush, again and again and AGAIN. the feeling of him inside of me presses me on, i feel hyper-aware of his shape, totally present in this moment. he strokes my hips as i ride, his fingers trailing from my nipples to my clit, then anchoring on my hips again. something inside of me cracks open and i gush twice more. with each gush i look down in surprise as this has only happened twice in our entire marriage. with each gush he moans as the sultry moistness drips down his member.

the wetness feels incredible as our sexes mingle and pound and i just want to taste it. i pull off and go down on him. my throat is open and full, and the taste puts me over the edge again. my nipples graze across his legs as i go down and the passion rises.

he finishes from behind, pounding me harder than he ever has as i cry out in pleasure. he spanks me and i cum again. i have been emancipated.

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