April 15, 2010

the first time

sitting in the dark, candles flickering, waiting for the other person to make the move.

coraline is rambling, talking feverishly as she does when she's nervous. she keeps asking, "are you sure? are you sure you really want to do this?"

she takes my hand, stalling, she traces it's outline.

i finally tug it with a smile, "get over here."

her lips are small and soft and delicious. as i pull her onto my lap her hair falls into my face. i feel a little like a fish out of water, i can't remember how to just make out! but we agreed to take it slow, i try to pin my hands to appropriate places.

she cups my face in her hands and stops for a moment, pulling back to look me over, she giggles and exhales, "are we really doing this? is this really happening? it IS!" and her lips meet mine again.

my hands can no longer stay pinned in place, they graze under her shirt and trail across her soft skin. i want her nipples in my mouth more than anything, and yet, i can't bring myself to unlatch her bra strap. trying not to rush, trying to take it slow, and realizing i don't even know how to unlatch a bra from this angle.

i'm not wearing good clothes for this. between my sweater dress, undershirt, tights, panties and a slip my clothes stand as an awkward reminder that i'm sorely out of practice. but coraline is patient and bursts into a fit of giggles as she discovers the slip is keeping her from seductively reaching her hand straight up below my dress. we finally get it all sorted out and suddenly my breasts are free. finally!

i feel myself tremble as she touches me. she sits back again to admire the situation and then her mouth hones in. the exhilaration surges through my body as her lips trace from my nipples to my mouth and back again.

my hands reach out for her and lift her shirt. i struggle with the bra strap, but there's no room for embarrassment, only acceptance. as her breasts are freed i instantly lick across both, cupping them as they hang towards my face. the softness brings me to the edge. she makes tiny sounds of bliss, moans leading me to the desired intensity. her sweet smelling hair drapes over my body. our locks mingle, following our bodies entanglement.

we pull back several times just to take it all in and admire one another's bodies in the candle light. we laugh as we realize that my breasts, though suspected to be larger, are actually smaller than coraline's ampleness. there's a freedom to our conversation, holding nothing back as we change positions and take turns leading the pleasure party.

henry's return breaks our trance. i see him pull up and we quickly pull all of our clothes back on, smoothing out our hair. he cleans the snow off our cars in a gesture of goodwill. conversation tries to amble on, but coraline quickly gathers her things and leaves.

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Anonymous said...


Are youre husbands ok with this- I think you are both married? I can not imagine mine being ok with it but I have not dared to ask and I do not have someone I could share this with if I wanted to.