April 19, 2010

I hate the word vagina.

There is something so clinical yet vulgar about the term. Ugly. It does not in any way elicit the beauty or pleasure of our sex.

Ruby's sex is a little different than mine.

In my basement we slowly eased into this next step. When I fantasize about women, about Ruby, it is breasts and lips and long hair that I think about, but also her sex. Most of my fantasies are about what I want to do to her. The pleasure I want to give Ruby.

I have my hand down her pants, feeling her wetness through her panties. But the angle is wrong...how to men do this when we have our pants on? Luckily she lets me take them off. She is so wet. I want to explore, to dive in. Ruby says something along the lines of- "you've done this before" or "you know what you are doing"...

Yes, yes I do- but this is nothing like that. My mind is racing. I know what William does that drives me crazy. I know how I like to touch myself. All I can do is replicate that and hope she enjoys it. Her sweet spot it lower than mine, her clit different, the angle I can slip my fingers inside is new, but the softness and texture is the same. She feels amazing and sounds amazing and I am going crazy.

I want to taste her but we agreed that wasn't for tonight. She tells me to suck on my fingers and I am undone. There are too many distractions for me to make her cum- I am learning over time that this girl has to have the stage set just right. She suggests a vibrator and I rush upstairs to oblige.

I let her take the reigns as I kiss her and play with her nipples and watch her. Hearing her peak is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard. I know what I sound like when I cum, what I have heard in movies and on the internet. Feeling her body quiver next to mine, knowing I was adding to the experience, that she wasn't holding back- it rocked my world and is something I will never forget.

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