April 19, 2010

in the bathroom

late afternoon shower by myself. as the water pounds down on my back i feel sexually relieved and i begin to think that maybe all this was just a passing phase. as i towel off henry comes in to check on me. immediately he whisks my towel off, leaving me naked and moist. he takes a moment to take in the view and then quickly leaves. hmmmm, that's odd behavior, normally he'd be fucking me already.

then just like that he's back, dragging a small ottoman with him. he's fully dressed in his business suit, but he quickly drops his pants. i step onto the ottoman, making our height difference less noticeable and i face the mirror. as he mounts me i cling to the marble countertop and realize fully that this is no passing phase. i beg him to fuck me hard, he spanks me and i cry out with desire.

as he fucks me i watch in the mirror as our bodies clang together. i watch as my breasts bounce and suddenly i'm longing for coraline to be there too. for her to be under me as he thrusts from behind. i long for her breasts in my mouth, as she rubs and holds me. i long for him to fuck us both.

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