April 30, 2010

Something shifted for me.

It had felt like forever since we had been able to fully satisfy each other. Stolen moments here and there to sustain us, but far too long since either of us had gotten off.

We drive around looking for a quiet place. It's funny to think back about it now, how much we both wanted to quickly find somewhere and how we both knew what the other wanted.

Henry's back seat is more accommodating than mine and before we know it, pants and panties and bras are off...familiar touch and tastes and sounds coming from us both.

She is getting me off, again and again and again. I am such an easy lay...and I can tell she likes having that option. I try to get her off; its frustrating for me that she is so used to using a vibrator. (Is this how men feel?) But she doesn't seem to care- still enjoying the touch and how I make her feel. This makes me soar.

All at once, this shit feels real. More and more I don't want another woman, I want my Ruby girl. I love her...I LOVE her and am attached to her and don't want to share her with anyone but Henry.

Hmmm...this is new.

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