April 29, 2010


when she's riding the pleasure train her breathing is the sexiest thing on the planet. she lets out a short moan and let's her breath follow along, lingering in the air, in time, in our hair, between our lips.

her breath pulses as our hands move, it becomes more and more rapid as she cries out, "ohhhhh . . . fuck!" and i feel myself teetering over the edge, my heart beating and pounding a drum of desire straight to my neck, my cheeks, my face.

i'm dizzy and realize i shouldn't be doing this while i'm driving, but she's nearly there! i can hear it in her voice! i tell her again how i want to taste her, how i want her with us, until her breathing is more like gasping moans of delight and she cries out, "i'm coming NOW!" and with that it's all i can do to keep my car on the road and the phone to my ear as it rolls through her and me simultaneously, yet 30 miles apart.

she exhales with one last moan and i tremble.

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