April 20, 2010

the third time

it was our third time together that still makes me weak in my knees to think of. henry had sent me off, knowing that we'd be taking it further this time. william had extricated himself for a night of gaming with a friend. children were sleeping in all their respective beds. and coraline and i simply had each other.

again, the nervousness overtook us both, not wanting to come on too strongly. i touch her lightly on the thigh while we talk, she pushes the hair away from my eyes. as the sexual tension builds between us our bodies press together and we are kissing again. this time our tops are removed rather quickly. my giddiness erupts as i see her hot pink bra, and then, like a flash it's off and her breasts are in my face... right where i want them.

i stroke and titilate her right nipple with one hand while i suck and caress her other breasts. she cries out and her moaning strengthens. she cries out my name as i suck and flick and i find myself blushing. i've never had my name called out in such fervor, by a woman. she finds composure and says, "if you were william, i'd be begging you to fuck me right now." with that she grabs me forcefully, but playfully and lays me out on the floor.

coraline's hair falls into my face and around my neck as she licks and flicks me into pleasure land. her right hand slips down towards my lucy; i may still be wearing my pants but she quickly finds her way below my panties. she gasps as she realizes that i'm flowing like a river. she begins to stroke and now it's my turn to gasp. she continues to suck and play with my nipples and i begin to ride the wave. i'm still feeling nervous and a little distracted and can't quite make it over the edge, but i'm never one to turn down the ride. her fingers are wet from me as she rubs it onto my nipples. she sucks it off my breast and says, "oh, you do taste good." i tell her to lick it right off her fingers and she squeals as she finally tastes me.

she pulls down my pants and finds a silver bullet. as i penetrate myself with it she works fervently on my breasts and mouth. we stroke together and i feel it building within me. the swell takes over me and i'm left panting, crying out, moaning, shuddering as lights seems to blaze past me. as i come down she sits up, her hair stroking across my belly and makes me tremble yet again.

she and i are both glowing. she exclaims, "that was the most incredible thing i have ever witnessed in my life."

i jokingly reply, "the most incredible? like more incredible than watching the sunrise over the tallest mountain?"

"phst, way more incredible!" she laughs.

i try again, "my orgasm was more incredible than watching a litter of kittens be born?"

she laughs again and explains that listening to me cry out from something she had done to me, listening to my honest moans of delight, was truly the most incredible thing she had ever witnessed, something she never thought she'd see happen. we collapse again into a fit of giggles and kisses.

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