May 1, 2010


it may very well be the closest thing we will have to a threesome.

coraline and i cuddle together and watch a movie until he comes home. between work and school he looks beat and is ready for a shower and bed. we move to the couch as he gets in the shower. as we hear the water turn on and the shower curtain close shut she and i move our focus to eachother. she pulls open my shirt, exposing my breasts and she licks and sucks until i feel like i'm my head is going to spin off of my body.

she then pulls back and says, "go do him."

i look at her with shock, "right now? right now? what will you do?"

"i'll get on facebook, listen to music-- go in there and do him now." she replies with a smile.

he's not ready for a threesome, but just the thought of bathroom sex while coraline is 20 feet away is hot hot hot for me. i go into the bathroom and proposition him. with a smile his cock rises to attention. but he's not quite ready, his ocd side needs to finish all that he set out to do in the shower first.

so i head back to coraline. i pull her shirt and bra up and suck her pretty titties. we kiss and caress until i'm soaking wet, my panties drenched. we hear the shower turn off and it's time.

when i enter the room he hasn't opened the curtain yet, so i throw my clothes off as quickly as possible, leaving only my necklace on. he steps out and sticks his fingers in, amazement spreads across his face as he realizes just how wet i already am. he crouches down and enters me from the front, then i go down on him, licking up all that mingled.

we both face the mirror and he enters from behind. with a slap on the ass and me on my tip toes he bangs it hard. my breasts shake and my nipples graze across the cold sink.

as we continue on i hear a chair move in the dining room and i know she's listening. i don't stiffle my moans as he thrusts and grabs. my only hope is that she's standing close, listening and rubbing herself in sync with our movements. i wish i could just reach over and open the door. i imagine her here in front of me kissing us both as i suck her breasts and fondle her pussy myself.

i look at him in the mirror and bet him money that she's touching herself right now. he nods and grabs me, fucking harder and smacking my ass as i gasp. he comes surprisingly quietly.

i sit down on the toilet as he stands in front of me and i lick off all that remains. he tittilates my nips as i rub myself and suck his still-hard cock until i'm the one left coming.

as i get dressed again, i wonder what she was really doing. i go out to her and cuddle up.

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