May 10, 2010

Last week we shared a couple of firsts.

Ruby smoked pot for the first time. I went down on her for the first time.

Her brother smoked us both out and while I have been high here and there in the last few months and countless times as a teen...this high was nothing like those. I was SO high. We both were. After everyone settled down and was dozing, we snuck downstairs.

It felt like we were there for so long, but really it was only about 15 minutes. I was completely hers and she mine during that time and we didn't waste a moment. Up to that point, we hadn't gone all the way. To us oral sex was pretty much going all the way and we wanted to be ready and not rushing into anything.

When Ruby gave me the green light to go down I didn't hesitate. I've wanted to taste her for so long, straight from the source. I tried to take my time, but I really wanted to get her off and hoped she was relaxed enough to. Her fingers laced through my hair as I licked and sucked and slid two fingers inside. She let out a deeper "Ohhhh" as I worked her and soon enough, she was cumming. If she could handle multiple orgasms, I would have stayed there and given it to her like until she begged me to stop.

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