May 10, 2010

I finally told Ruby the truth.

Last August William and I decided to have an open marriage. We aren't swingers...just open to the idea that marriage doesn't have to be defined to us how society has told us. Open to the reality that we are attracted to other people, that we wanted to explore that and see where it took us. So far, its' been a good ride and made us both happier.

Ruby and I have been hanging out for a year, we reconnected 10 years after knowing each other in high school. In November we confessed and shared our feelings on the burden of being bisexual...and in April ventured into this world we share now. All during that time, I was scared to tell her about this other side of me.

Scared it would freak her out, scare her away, entice her, gross her out. Scared she would tell Henry and he would forbid anything happening between us. I was scared of her not accepting this side of me. Of judging me. Of telling me I was sick in the head for thinking this way. Scared she would hate me for not telling her sooner.

I feel ashamed that I doubted her.

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